Information about Creachic


The creative marketplace

It is the market place where to make known its creations 100% "hand-made" and sell at low cost or without technical effort thanks to the many possibilities pre-configured automatically on the market place.

The sales site for creators and creative fashion or artistic objects allows you to disseminate and make known your creative offers and thus generate sales quickly by membership of social networks.

Créachic is a real economical and efficient way to multiply the presence of the creator's offer on the web and social networks effortlessly and without particular knowledge of IT, but also to secure and facilitate payment transactions.

Make an appointment with your customers to discover your new creations remotely and more easily cash the fruit of your work without intermediaries.

This platform is the source of sharing on social networks to accelerate the acquisition of traffic to its ads by sharing them to a targeted audience and buying communities sensitive to the ethics of "made in" and "made by ".